Twitter Marketing Strategy: How To Target Your Audience

How to target customers to create relevant campaigns and reach tailored demographics as part of a successful Twitter marketing strategy. Twitter is a powerful social marketing tool with 80% of all Twitter users mentioning brands in Tweets. A Twitter marketing strategy can help your business promote content, boost brand awareness, create loyal relationships with your clients, maximise your website's conversion rates, encourage new leads, and increase sales.

SEO content writing 3 advanced tips

Three SEO tools for online writers seeking a more advanced strategy for an advantage over their competitors to land their article first page. Content creators employ SEO to speak to Google's algorithm. On-page optimization pivoted on keyword intent is not enough. Articles slide in a sea of search result suitors and by algorithmic devaluation content in SERP lands in pages two, three and falling. Here are five tips to stop your work from disappearing into the abyss beyond.

Penis pumps: a purchasing guide

According to research, 50 per cent of men wouldn't mind an upsize to better-endowed equipment. If you feel an increase in penis length, girth, erection hardness or stronger erections would be an advantage between the sheets, penis pumps can be the best option to increase size, stamina and maximize performance. With a huge variety of pumps available choice can be overwhelming, meet your definitive guide to finding the best penis pump to cater to your needs in 2020.

The Jes-Extender

The Jes-Extender is a penis extender which through phalogenic traction will increase penis size by an inch per 1000 hours of wear over 6 months. The Jes-extender, hand-crafted and gifted to gentlemen in 1995 by DanaMedic, a Denmark based pioneer leading the male enhancement industry, was one of the first on the market. The Jes-Extender has half a million satisfied customers and recognition from Playboy Magazine, Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, and The Telegraph.

Grassmarket Edinburgh Old Town: 4 places of interest

Hula Juice Bar & Healthy Eatery is an apothecary of gemstone shaded freshly pulped fruit and vegetable infused juices and smoothies. Ginger Jack, Tahiti Kicks, Chia Fields, Sunshine in a Cup, the drinks menu promises the plethora of a YouTube influencer's pantry cupboard, a late afternoon energy kick and a sense of a beverage well done all poured into dome-topped and straw-speared plastic cups which silently beam I'm ready for my close up now as they're handed over the counter.
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